Main case designer
Job Responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the overall project design and deepen the project;
2, schedule the work of the project, the implementation of the various stages of submission;
3, assist and supervise the ongoing project;
4, to guide, communicate and coordinate the project design work, responsible for the accuracy, timeliness and rationality of the program design;
5, according to the established program to expand the design, and submit the design results according to plan.
6, Docking with designated departments at each designated node in the process of project implementation (eg, financial implementation of exchange project with the Ministry of Finance in the previous week before the submission of each design phase, if necessary, sending a letter to assist in the promotion. Its next stage of work content);
7. Responsible for "Confirmation Letter" of "Schedule", "Signature Receipt", "Negotiation Record", "Technical Docking Letter", "Change Order" and "Expatriate Order".
job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above in interior design (or overseas education background). 5 years work experience, international and domestic well-known design company work experience;
2, excellent program design skills, sharp thinking. Independent hosting of large and medium-sized project experience. According to the current international and domestic trends, to make new and satisfactory work of Party A, at the same time familiar with a variety of decorative materials and construction technology;
3, a good professional quality, a high degree of professionalism, can lead and organize design team.
4, with large and medium-sized projects bidding, speaking experience, have good communication skills.
5, Interior design is preferred
6, innovative design concepts and inspiration, hand-painted expression ability;
7, a personal charm after the designer precipitation;
8, good stability, communication and organization ability.

interior designer
Job Responsibilities:
1, deepen and extend the program;
2, arrange drawing production and output quality control;
3, responsible for the project technology docking, responsible for communication technology letter;
4, and gradually establish a complete project implementation process files, including drawings and technical documents;
job requirements:
1. Interior design or architectural design and other related professional, more than 3 years of work experience;
2. Proficiency in using AutoCad, Photoshop, Skecthup, 3dmax and other professional design software and graphics software;
3. Strong hand-painted, clear design ideas;
4 have a certain degree of graphic design ability
5. Solid drawing basic skills;

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